Against All Odds: No Retakes, No Manuals, Real life lessons

Legal life Manual. Do you live in the Jungle with Animals? Or live in civilized Society?

If in the latter this book is for you. Are you a victim or a survivor? Survive and Protect yourself from gender discrimination, culture biases, belittling within home, educational to professional workplace, mental, verbal, physical, emotional, exploitation, rape and all kinds of sexual abuse. Trapped or stifled in unhappy marriage, parent child discord, years of working with bad bosses, compromise on a daily basis. Are you a prisoner of the moment.? Do you want to run away, feel suicidal? Politics of the Universe, society. Don’t let it shackle you.

When you are pushed to the wall. Push back. When you have nothing to lose then give yourself that one chance and take a courageous step. Don’t give up. It’s hard, very hard but courage and self-belief will open doors. Gather inspiration from my journey and trust me you can do it. All of us can be leaders, all we have to do is nudge that dormant factor. Giving in easy. Tenacity and resilience are words to describe that one moment when you decide to take action even if it is swimming against the tide or Against all Odds. No matter what the problem, I am your partner to overcome the challenge and turn it into a steppingstone to progress. Leader’s walk the talk and should be accessible to make a difference in people’s lives. Money cannot do that. Care can. Do You care for yourself or others? I care for others.